We Have A Date!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

April 22, 2011
This is the date chosen for our daughter and her fiance's wedding.....Good Friday.....Ritzywife is happy!!
The daughter wants just a simple outdoor ceremony.  She has her dress bought, and it is beautiful..
She will  make a beautiful bride....just a Mother's observation ;-)
I have been trying out new recipes again, now that the holiday's  have passed by.  One is a  Mexican chili sauce (pictured) that I found online.  It was a hit with the family.  I believe it is the first "authentic" tasting Mexican dish I have made in a long time.  It is delicious!!!!!

Made the homemade bean/cheese burritos to go with the sauce.  The Mexican rice is the "Knorr" brand.  I had never tried this brand before but it turned out wonderful.  Taste and texture were just right.
Even made homemade sopapillas for dessert.  YUMM!!!!
The whole family loved the food!!!  That doesn't happen often when Ritzywife tries out a new recipe.  All I can say is--"this one is a keeper"......
I am going to start a pot of soup/stew for dinner tonight.   All I can hope for is that it turns out like "Papa's", my Dad's.  The daughter thinks her Papa is the ONLY one who knows how to make good soup.  Every time I make mine, all I hear is "this doesn't taste like Papa's"......I am thinking about asking Papa to stop and make the soup for me, hehe!!!
Gotta go get busy....Ritzywife out...............

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