Holidays Are Over......for now

Posted by: cheryl

Here we are into January and the time just keeps flying by.  Well, the daughter and boyfriend have set a date for their wedding......April 22, 2011.  Gee, (we/she, are/is) going to have to get with it.   It is fun and frustrating watching her think and talk about what she wants.  I am staying out of this until my opinion is asked for, hehe!!!
She wants a very simple ceremony with just a few people present. 
I am STILL waiting on that snow........Looks like it's gonna turn colder in a few days.   Maybe I'll get my wish soon.  Ritzy still thinks I am nuts for wanting the white stuff......but I don't care cause I love it!!!!
I have all my Christmas decorations put away for another year.  It's always sad to see them come down and get put away.  I love the Christmas season and all that is included.......always have......and probably always will....
It has been pretty busy around here.  The days are getting longer.......only by seconds, but they ARE getting longer.  Looking forward to Spring and getting my "gear" ready to fish for the crappie that come into the creek nearby the house.  Can hardly wait!!!!!!!
That's about all I have for now.......Ritzywife out.....................

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