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(sourdough cinnamon rolls)
Here it is 10:30 pm and these are just out of the oven.  I made some the other night and this afternoon after returning home from lunch and shopping with my daughter and mom, I decided to make some more.  They are sooooo good!!!!  I have a sourdough starter  that I keep on the cabinet and ready to bake with at anytime....
Ritzy and I are eating some of them now.  They are delicious!!!  He has only ate 4 of them, so far, haha!!!  The poor son just got home from work a little while ago.  I put his supper (BLT's) in the fridge.   He has eaten them but said he did not want any rolls.  That kid must be tired!!!!!!!
I did have a very good day, visiting with mom and the daughter,  we look forward to meeting every Wednesday. 
The weather here in Oklahoma has been perfect----sunny skies, light winds, moderate temps.  I say we deserve it after that scorcher of a summer we had. 
Ritzy has been burning a fire in the firepit in the evening.  It is so soothing to sit there on the patio in the swing  and listen to and watch the fire. 
A friend that I have not seen in a long time is supposed to come by tomorrow while on her visit to Oklahoma.  It is going to be wonderful to catch up........
It's time to get the son's workclothes out of the washer and put them in the dryer......
With that Ritzywife is out.....................
(there better be some cinnamon rolls on that cabinet in the morning!)

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