Busy Day......

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Today the daughter, her boyfriend, my mom, sister-in-law, nephew and I all met at Olive Garden for lunch.  Had a good time eating and visiting.  The rain from Tropical Storm Hermine started here in Oklahoma.... sure is wet out there.  Keeping that in mind, Before meeting at Olive Garden, I had to stop at Best Buy to pick up Season 6 of The Office for the son.  Being the good mom that I am I got out of the truck (in the rain) and walked to the store.  In my head thoughts of the cement being slick were going on so I was "watching my step"  I made it inside the store and must not have wiped all the "wet" off my shoes cause when my right foot hit the cement floor, the foot just kept going and Ritzywife's buttcheeks kissed the floor.  It was one of those "Geez, I sure hope no one saw that" kind of fall.  I'm sure they did tho, probably got it on tape to watch and laugh over and over.  The young man greeting everyone came over and asked to help and I told him I was fine.  I proceeded to get up and go get what I came in for, that darn blu-ray........I just stood there laughing at myself.  You know I have figured out that if you can't laugh at yourself, you are in pretty sad shape.  I do have a feeling that I am gonna be sore in the morning tho.  Have already took a couple of ibuprofin before bedtime. 
I told the son what had happened tonight and I could see him snicker.  I told him that I literally went thru "hell and high water" to get that darn blu-ray and he had better enjoy it ;-)
Got home and took a short nap before starting a pot of chili for church supper tonight.  I made it in my new enameled french oven.  I love this new pan.  It makes cooking fun and is so easy to clean up. 
Chili sure tasted good!!!!  Ritzy has some for his lunch tomorrow.  I sure am glad he doesn't mind taking left-overs for his lunches at work. 
Tomorrow is the daughter's 24th birthday.   Hope she has a good one. 
Watching the rain on the radar on tv.  looks like it's gonna get pretty wet around here (callin' for 3-6 inches).  I usually prefer sunny weather but we need this rain so bad that I am grateful it's here.   It looks like the HOT weather is gone for this season!!!!!! Come on Fall!!!!!
With that said, Ritzywife is out................

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