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These things are gross!!!!!!!!  There had to be millions of them.   The son was on his way to Owasso and told me to drive across the lake to see the mayflies.  So I grabbed my camera and took off.  We live on the east side of the lake.  I could not

believe what I was seeing.  It looked like the bushes and trees were brown and wilted, but it was from all the mayflies on them.  The electric poles were covered and the Winganon bridge was covered also.

I stopped the truck and took some pictures.  I didn't dare open a window or door or I would have been swarmed by them.  They are nasty......

You can see them hanging on to my window as I am driving across the lake to turn around.  They will cling to anything.  Our security light and pole are covered tonight.  It's dangerous to even step out the door, hahaha!!!

Some of them were still on my truck when I pulled in the garage, and that is a couple of miles.    I was thinking about the insects and bugs today and was thinking that here in Oklahoma that we have Junebugs in May and Mayflies in June-July.  Are the bugs messed up or what????  Should they be renamed----Maybugs & Juneflies  ;-)
Yesterday evening we had my brother and his wife and son over for dinner.  We grilled steaks and veggies and I made a fresh peach pie.  The nephew said that he had not ever ate that much food before.  I am glad they liked the meal.  You see I had an ulterior motive.  My brother and Ritzy installed my new washer and dryer...........finally.......the washer and dryer have been  sitting in the garage since April, but no one's schedule could jive.  So, Ritzywife tempted brother with a steak dinner and that did the trick.........
Back in February, while Ritzy was cutting wood, he lost his wedding band that I had given him for Christmas 2008. (3rd one, mind you)
We went back to where he was cutting and could not find it, so I just gave up.  I had bought Ritzy a new one a couple of months ago and was going to give it to him on our anniversary that is coming up at the end of the month.  Well.............I heard a commotion in the laundry room and Ritzy came in the kitchen with a silly look on his face and held up something and said "Look what we found under the washer!"......It was that wedding band..............can you believe it!?!?
I guess it had fallen out of his pocket when he laid his woodcutting clothes by the washing machine.
I guess he will just have a "spare".......

I painted the laundry room a couple of days ago.  It has been the most neglected room in the house since we have been here.  I decided that I was going to give it a makeover.  It looks pretty good now.......I even decorated it.  Now, I can say that every room is finished and that ought to last a while........
I better get off here and study my lesson for church tomorrow.  We also eat a pot-luck lunch after services.  We have no church tomorrow night, so the morning will be busy, but the rest of the day and evening will be restful.
With that said, Ritzywife is out!....................

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