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That describes the feeling of our trip to Wisconsin this last week.  It was so relaxing.....
We stayed with Ritzy's brother and his family.  We were away from TV and internet for a week, and it was wonderful.  I found out that I can survive without it, haha!!!  Sure did have a lot of e-mails to delete tho..
Ritzy's mom was doing fine, but his dad wasn't doing as well.  It sure is hard watching your parents age. 
We had a safe trip, missed all the bad weather while on the road. 
His brother's home is not air-conditioned, that was ok cause by night it was cool enough, plus I had 2 fans in the room, one at the foot of the bed and one on a table beside the bed.  That fan was blowing in my face and I loved it. 
Central heat and air are luxuries in the north and not neccessities as they are in the south. 
While we were gone the son had cleaned out the refigerator, shelves and all, also cleaned the stove for me.  He must have been really bored :-)    Don't know how he found the time, having to work so much overtime.  He's a good kid......and I appreciate what he did.  I told him so last night.......
I have spent the better part of today getting things back in order, doing laundry, mopping the kitchen floor.....Ritzy and I buy groceries tonite, so I called the son and told him I would fix his supper and it would be in the refrigerator for him when he gets home.  Fixed him a pasta salad and 2 chicken breasts.
I just heard the dryer buzz with the last load of clothes so I will be putting those away in a bit.
I can't believe it is almost July 4th.  I am gonna buy some fireworks tonite.  The son and I are going Friday to get some "big" ones.  We always shoot ours off at Granny's.
The son picked some veggies from the garden.  I am so glad when we can start eating out of the garden.  I made a cucumber salad the night we returned home. It was yummy.  My grandma always made it and I have always liked the salad.  All you do is cut up cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions and add miracle whip, salt and pepper and you have a nice salad. (I added some fresh bell peppers too)
I took a bowlful to our church picnic last night and there were only a couple of spoonfuls left.
I may cut up another one for tomorrow.  It seems to be better after sitting in the refirgerator for 24 hours.
Am waiting patiently on the okra to be ready.............yummmmmm
I reckon I am caught up for the moment.....Ritzywife out!

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