Summer Is Almost Gone ;-(

Posted by: cheryl

Around here I see leaves falling, the grass is not as green or growing as fast. I know some of this is happening because of lack of rain. Oklahoma has had an unseasonably cool August this year. Ritzy and I have been eating our suppers out on the patio each evening, then spending time on the porch swing listening to & watching the birds or watching traffic as it goes by, or just sharing our events of the day. Usually in August it is too hot to even breath outside, but not this I have said before: it's been a strange one....
Our garden is mostly gone, only the okra and a few pole beans left. I need to pick the grapes and make some jelly in the next couple of days. We only have one vine, but it is loaded. It takes up about 20 feet of fence. Dad planted that vine there when I was a teenager. That thing is OLD!!!! hahaha!! This has been the first in a number of years that the weather has cooperated and I have been able to have grapes to pick.
Our last official summer holiday is soon coming upon us. The hours of sunlight are shrinking. I have to get myself ready to face the fact that Fall & Winter are just about here. Don't get me wrong, I like all the seasons, but Spring & Summer are my favorite.
I guess that's all I have for this time. Ritzywife out..........

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