August in Oklahoma

Posted by: cheryl

A person can usually count on August being HOT and humid, but not so much this year. It's been a pretty decent August except...... the other thing we can count on here in the Sooner State - ragweed....YUK!!!!
The daughter, a neice, Ritzy and I have all been having itchy watery eyes and sneezing. The daughter asked me what was going on and I told her it was probably ragweed causing her problems. I let her know that it will only last until that first freeze.
The sun set before 8:00pm tonite. It always makes me a little sad to see the daylight get shorter.
I have a surprise for Ritzy tomorrow....hehehe!!!!!! I am going to paper the bedroom,put up border, put up new blinds, and change all the bedding. Mom is going to show up early in the morning and we are going to try to be finished by the time Ritzy gets home. I have had it "hiding" in the closet for a couple of days. You see, Ritzy and I have separate closets, so he doesn't have a clue.
I hope he likes it.........Darn - he came in here and started to look at the screen and I had to tell him he could not see it yet, but he would find out tomorrow why.
I am excited to start doing the work, sure hope I get some sleep tonite ;-)
Well, I better call it quits for the night and "try" to get some rest. I gonna need it!!
Ritzywife out...............

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