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Well, Easter weekend came and went. I am still tired thinking about last week. It was a very cool and wet Easter Sunday. Saturday, on the other hand was warm and sunny. That easter egg hunt at the church on Sunday at 5 took place IN the church. We had about a dozen kids and 510 eggs, so you could say every kid took home their share of eggs & candy. I am sure the parents will thank us for that.
Back to the weather. This weather has been something else. We turn on the AC for a few days then have to turn on the heater for a few days. It's been that way for a couple of months. The furnace is on today, but looking at the forecast it looks like we will be needing the AC in a day or so. But......that's how it is in Oklahoma when the seasons are changing.
It has been too cold to plant the rest of our garden, now it is too wet from all the rain we got this weekend.
Ritzy was working Saturday (splitting wood with the electic splitter) until later in the afternoon when I walked over to where he was and told him to shut everything down and come with me. I had ordered our Dinner at the Owasso Olive Garden and told him we were going to pick it up and bring it back to the house to eat it. Ritzywife's treat.......I told him he had worked hard enough for one day ;-)
We picked up the food, brought it home and ate it out on the patio. Was a very nice and quiet dinner.
I have supper cooking in the crock-pot now and the laundry is all done. I am just resting today to recover from all the running around last week.
With all that, Ritzywife is out for today.......

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