Where Ya Been???

Posted by: cheryl

Yeah, I talking to myself.......I have been either too busy or too lazy to comment the past few days.
I sit here tonight watching the severe storms move thru Oklahoma. Yup, the calendar says it's February but here in Oklahoma that doesn't seem to matter. Two weeks ago we were dealing with an ice storm and now this week we are dealing with tornados and severe thunderstorms.
Ritzy and I have been doin ok. We learned that his mother moved to the assisted living center with his father this last weekend. It seems so odd and at the same time sad, that they are not in their home anymore. I wish them the best. We will be going up there some time in the near future to help in any way we can. Whether for moral support, or getting the house ready to sell, or whatever is needed.....I have a feeling it is going to be a hard time for Ritzy, but, Ritzywife will be right there beside him, doing whatever he needs and offering support.
Things have "kind of" quieted down in this house since Ritzy's return from active duty. I better watch out cause just when I think things are goin good............................WHOOSH!!!!!! something happens to upset my little cart..............................
That is about all I have for today. I will just sit here and wait for those storms to come in, I guess.
Ritzywife is out.......

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