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Not too much to talk about during the past week or so. Yesterday, my sister (Nana) called to see if I could come down and watch her grandbaby (3 months old) while she worked on someone's nails at her home. She is a Nail Tech. So I go down there to play with the baby and big sister, the 3 year old. Sissy wants to come home with me so I let her. Ritzy was home and I figured the both of us could corral her ;-) WHEW!!!
Gee, that kid was everywhere...........we had fun tho. It was time to go back to Nana's and she did NOT want to go. I said "Too Bad sister", your ARE going to your Nana's...haha!!
This evening Ritzy and I went up to my parent's to visit. Bubba was there and Sissy showed up while we were there. The first thing our of her mouth was----"I go to your house." I said I didn't think so. They are spending the night with my Mom & Dad. YIKES!!!!!!
Don't get me wrong, I love these kids very much and would do anything for them.
They are fun to be around, for a little while anyways....just kidding.....
Ritzy has 4 more weeks until his ETS date. YAY!!!!!!!!
ETS is the date he is out of the National Guard.
His last drill is in a couple of weeks. I will be going with him. We have to travel around 170 miles to get there. I have been with him all the years he has been in the military (over 21) and supported his service to his country and I told him that I would be with him at his last national guard drill weekend.
I am so proud him and all he has accomplished in his military career.
It is getting late and he is already been in bed for a couple of hours. I guess I ought to try and get some sleep since it is Sunday tomorrow. I have to teach and play the piano at church. I still have not been able to go to bed early since Ritzy's return from deployment.
Ritzywife is out for now and going to try and get some rest.........

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