What Can I Say????

Posted by: cheryl

The last time I wrote, we were finishing up moving the daughter out of the house. Well.................that lasted 3 days I think and then we were moving her BACK in ;-0 I will be SO happy for my kids when they figure out what they want and go for it!!!!!!!
Ritzy and I have to go to Norman next weekend for a "Yellow Ribbon" event to finish up their deployment. At least we get a weekend away, room and meals provided.....and in a nice hotel to boot..........can't beat that!!!!
I think we are both looking forward to getting "away" from here for at least a couple of days.
I spent some time with that great-neice today and her 2 month old little sister. Big brother was in school. Nana had to go pick him up so I kept the girls at her house so she would not have to take them with her. Holding that little one is so fun ;-)...........
Ritzy has a dental appointment tomorrow at the veteran's center at tulsa. I guess I will be going with him.
The weather was really nice today, but you know around here we can't get too used to it cause it is supposed to turn cold again. The weather just keeps teasing us this year, it gets warm then turns off cold.........
Here in Oklahoma, if we can make it thru February we just about have it made til those Spring thunderstorms start, hahaha!!!!
I think Ritzywife's brain just quit for the day, oh well we will see what tomorrow brings........good for everyone I hope.....
Ritzywife is out.......

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