It Has Been Crazy Since Ritzy's Return.....

Posted by: cheryl

It has been one thing after another since Ritzy's return. He stayed home a couple of days before he had to report to his unit. After reporting that morning, we left for Wisconsin to visit his parents and the rest of his family. We found them in fair health. Mom was ok I guess, but Dad had hurt his toe and it was not healing so they were looking at the possibility of surgery. Dad had to spend all his time sitting or getting around in a wheelchair. It is so hard watching your parents get older. Anyways it came time for Ritzy and I to leave. After leaving we find out Dad has to have his foot amputated. We come home and stay for a week, after finding out Ritzy had more time off than we thought, we headed back to Wisconsin last Saturday and after arriving Sunday we go straight to the hospital to visit Dad. All during the week Ritzy spent time at the hospital with Dad while I stayed home with Mom......later in the week we find out the surgery wound is not healing so they are going to have to go above the knee with Dad's amputation. I stayed home with Mom ( who can't get out) during the surgery while Ritzy and his brother's and one of his sister's were at the hospital with Dad. Friday Ritzy and I visited Dad before we were to leave Saturday and as we were leaving Dad asked that we come by and see him Saturday as we are leaving. So we went by to see Dad yesterday morning, he seemed to be doing ok as we said our good-byes. Today as we are going thru Springfield, Missouri we get a call from Ritzy's brother who told us that Dad had a stroke about midnight Saturday/Sunday.....he is not able to speak or move his right side, which is the side of the amputated leg........I turned to Ritzy and said "what do we do?" ----- We want to be there for his parents, but we also have responsibility here. It has just been a roller coaster of emotions for Ritzy and I since he returned. Like I stated before, it is HARD watching your parents get older.
We are just going to keep in close touch with his brother and if needed we will head back to Wisconsin. Ritzy has been back in Oklahoma from this deployment for a month now but actually home for only 9 days. He starts work this coming Tuesday. He loves his parents very much and I know it is hard being away from them at this point in time. Ritzywife loves Ritzy very much and is going to support whatever decision he makes.
Ritzywife is out for get some much needed rest............

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