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Posted by: cheryl

Well here goes, I thought I would just try this blogging, looks like a good way to vent and just publish your thoughts. I have been keeping a journal but this looks like more fun. I have plenty of opinions about what is going on in our country today. My husband is a member of the Oklahoma National Guard and is currently serving in Iraq at Camp Bucca. I really miss him. I can't wait till this deployment is over in September-October. We will miss our 25th anniversary this year in July, we also missed our 20th anniversary because he was on active duty supporting Operation Noble Eagle 5 years ago. He has reached 20 years of service during this deployment and I threatened him if he even thinks about re-enlisting . I am tired of this military life! I want him to myself for the rest of our lives. I know I am a military wife but i do not support this war or the reasons we were fooled into it. I do support our military and their families wholeheartedly though, and am so proud of them for doing what was asked of them. It's been 6 months and i still have my "bad" days when i think this will never end. It's hard when you live in an area where you are the only military family around. People around here have no idea what it is like, they say well-meaning phrases like "it will be over before you know it", or " he will be back soon" etc......well the problem is ---- what do i do NOW!?!....when i am feeling so down. That's usually the time i go to the journal, or here now that i have finally figured out how to do this ;-).

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