Well, That's Dumb.................

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Yeah, that's what I was told by my grandson yesterday.  Now the story behind it.
The boys have been battling a cold/allergies the past week and yesterday seemed to be the worst day.  Braedy & Calvin were coughing, running fever and not feeling well.  The baby, Dawson sounded croupy.  Keri (the daughter and their mama) had been texting me about what was going on.  I decided to go there after church to help out.
She ended up taking Braedy, who had gotten an earache Saturday......and Dawson who sounded horrible and just not himself to the ER.  I stayed at the house with Calvin while daddy finished a homework paper.
After a couple hours Keri called and asked if I could come pick Braedy up because he was getting restless.   Turns out that Braedy had fluid on his ear and was given antibiotics.     Poor little Dawson had received one breathing treatment and was having to wait and see if another one was needed.  So.....Calvin and I go pick up Braedy.   We started back to their house and I heard Braedy ask Calvin what he and I had done.  Calvin told him  that Ni-maw sat on the couch while he was on his tablet.......then I heard Braedy say in the softest voice...now Calvin, it's not nice to lie...what did you really do.  At this point I interrupted and told Braedy that his brother was right.....that I just sat on the couch "doing nothing" while his brother played games on his tablet.  Braedy's response was........."Well Ni-maw.....that's just dumb"....I lost it - Hahahaha!!!!  I started laughing and Braedy couldn't figure out why it was so funny.  This 5 year old could not imagine just sitting and doing nothing....  I told him that someday he would realize that sitting and doing nothing is quite fun:-)
Well after 5 hours and 2 breathing treatments, Keri and Dawson returned home.  He sounded so much better and looked like he felt better.  I talked to her today and everyone got a decent night's sleep and had a pretty good day today.  Thank you Lord!!
Now, I have whatever it is they have.....stuffy nose, cough,.....you get the picture......YUK!!!!
I am going there tomorrow to check up on everyone.....
It's getting late for this Ni-maw so ...Ritzywife out..................................

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