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Since I last posted a lot has gone on......I went in for the SVT ablation.  After "mapping" where the extra heartbeats were coming from the Dr. told me to just rest while he went to the computer to control my heart rate and rhythm.  That was an odd feeling.  After finishing he discussed the outcome with me.   My problems were coming from the AV node......the hearts natural pacemaker...... if he ablated that a pacemaker would be necessary for a heartbeat.  Neither he nor I was ready to go to that extreme at this time.  We decided to just carry on with the healing process and try to medicate.  I still feel those extra beats and I have to be careful and not get overly tired because that seems to set them off.
I still have had to take it easy for a couple of weeks while the sites he used to perform the study have healed.
I still have not gone fishing yet.  The lake came up because of rain, but my neighbor and my brother have provided us with the fresh crappie.  YUMM!!!!
My brother brought 15 of them by Sunday night and 4 last night.  I do not mind cleaning them at all :-)
The boys are growing like weeds.......Braedy and Calvin are learning so much at school and Dawson is almost walking.  It is an awesome privilege watching them grow up.   They love watching movies with me....and Ni-maw loves it too.   Thanks to Ni-maw and Uncle Matt they are hooked on "Mission Impossible" movies and they are always singing the theme song.  Their mama told me yesterday they are about to drive her nuts singing that all the time.  I just laughed but she failed to see the humor in it.
In a couple of weeks we are all going to see Guardians of the Galaxy.  That is another movie Uncle Matt and I have got them interested in......
 They love music and they love movies......Their daddy took them on an adventure last was very educational and fun.  They "worked cattle".....if you don't know what the term means well here goes...........they gave the cattle vaccination shots, castrated the male calves, and branded you know......
They also rode horses, fished and had a fun day on my son-in-law's Aunt's farm.  I love that they are getting these life experiences.
Yesterday I went over to the boy's house to help their mama who was exhausted from just doing mama duties.  I took the fixin's to cook ham and beans for our and their dinner.  I watched to boys while mama rested, gave mama a neck massage, put Dawson to sleep, then went and laid down with boys till they fell asleep.  I assured them I wasn't going anywhere while they were asleep.  Well I had to get up and "watch" the beans cooking and was sitting in a chair when the Calvin woke up and I heard "Ni-maw"......i assured him I was in the living room and in he came.   A few minutes later Braedy woke and I heard "Ni-maw".....I assured him I was still there and in the living room....In he came and got my lap.  They are 5 years old and still want to  get in my lap, which is just fine with me.....
I have some chicken thawing right now.  Chicken & noodles are on the menu for tonight's dinner/supper.
 Speaking of the evening meal.........the son, his cousin and I all had a discussion about dinner/supper the other night.  I grew up with it being called supper, you ate breakfast, dinner and supper.
Now its breakfast , lunch, dinner.     I guess it all depends where and when you grew up as to what you learned to call it. 
With that Ritzywife is out.......................................................

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