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That's right, my last post was full of hope and anticipation. The next day started out just fine but by the afternoon I noticed the heart trying to have palpatations.  You see, I had caught a cold/or flu around the first of the year and it was beginning to work on the progress of the ablation healing.  These past 10 days have not been the best.  I finally went to the ER on the advice of a neighbor who is also a nurse,  Saturday because the palpatations had stopped but there was a very irregular beat.
They informed me that all this was probably happening because of the viral infection.  You see viral infections and a heart healing from cardiac ablation do no go well together.  
 Just as Ritzy and I were starting out the room I started having horrible palpitations.   Everyone came back in, hooked me up to the machine so they could get a "picture" of it happening in real time.  The ER Dr. called Tulsa where my Dr. happened to be on call.  He suggested I come down there to get a Holter monitor for 24 hours.  Mind you......this is during the ice storm......thankfully the roads were not icy.  Well we did that and I proceeded to wear the monitor til Sunday at 4pm.  I had some episodes while wearing that and hope it tells Dr. Milton what is going on.  I had been in contact with his nurse a couple of times informing her of what was  happening. 
I sure hope it is just this virus messing with things.  I still feel weak, I assume because of being so sick and down for the past10 days.  I had not been able to see the grandsons during that time and that was wearing on me ,The fact I was doing so good and then this setback was wearing on me, and........ my not being able to be there for my daughter when she needs a break.......... ...TIMES LIKE THIS CAN  DO A LOT TO A PERSON'S STATE OF MIND.....I still have a cough, am getting plenty of liquids and rest.  I just want to be ME again!!!!!!
H. O. P.'s still there, buried deep sometimes.  I still try to get in touch with it every day.  Going outside and sitting in my swing helps the most.......and seeing sunshine.  Have not been able to do either since that weekend storm.  I need sun and fresh air!!!
Ritzy and I took the monitor back yesterday, hoping that would let Dr Milton see it ASAP.  I now await a call from his nurse telling me what is going on.  He said the ablation was a success and I have to believe he knows what he is talking about.  I have heard from many others that he is a very good Dr. and knows his business.  My confidence is not in him tho, it is in God who provided him. 
I am going to take it very easy until this passes.  I told Ritzy that I was sorry about all the housework and cooking I am unable to do right now, but I just need the rest to get back to being Ritzywife and Ni-maw........
Here's to a better week, month, year, life!!
Ritzywife out..............................................


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