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My niece who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in May of 2009 passed away May 28, 2015 -- 11:45 am....6 years later.
I found out she was only given 2 years at the time of diagnosis.  It was a hard fought battle but even tho we lost her she did not lose in the end.  She is in heaven with her Redeemer and Savior and the loved ones gone on before.
Her kids and her mom ( my sister) and dad and sister are always in my thoughts and prayers.  Granny& Papa too.  My sister-in-law and I also spent a couple of nights sleeping on couches, or chairs so we could be close when and if anything changed during the night.
The last night I decided to just spend the night to help support my sister.  .  I had gotten up at 6:00 am and went to Bartlesville.  At 10:00 pm everyone else was leaving and I made the choice to just stay up for the night so my sis and her hubby could get some sleep. The brother-in-law's aunt and uncle had stayed but they were sound asleep.   Kaysie's breathing had changed and we knew it was not going to be long.  Around 2:00 am on Thursday morning the breathing became more labored and that's when Debbie (my sister) and I started staying by her bed.  At 5:00 am we noticed more changes and that's when I called Granny & Papa ( mine and Deb's parents) and told them it would be wise to get over there.  Also let my brother and his family know.  That's when Debbie and I put away 2 pots of coffee to get us thru the night and next day.....  At 6 I called Ritzy and asked if he could bring me my meds and my toothbrush (70 mile round trip out of his way) which he did.  Thanks Ritzy, I appreciated it!!
A nurse came in around 8:00 am to take her vitals and could find no vital signs as they were too weak to register.
When her personal nurse came in an hour or so later he just looked and told us it would be anytime to 2 hours and she would no longer be with us.  Debbie and I had been sitting by her bedside just loving on her and telling her we loved her and just giving her our touch.  When the nurse got ready to leave he told us to just keep doing what we had been doing, which was showing her how much we loved her .  A couple hours later my sister made the comment that she needed to go to the bathroom and coincidence or not, that's when Kaysie's breathing got very weak and we knew it was the end.  Her mom stayed and I told her dad to get up there by the bed NOW!!  After a few weak breaths she was gone.  But......she was surrounded by her loved ones who were praying for her, loving her as best as they could and an hour or so before I had asked my Dad (Papa) to pray as we all held hands around her to give the peace that was needed for this event.  It was very sad but awesome in the sense that we all knew her suffering/pain brought on by this tumor/cancer was over forever!!! 
All of that to say Ritzywife is gonna miss her very much....I am praying for those kiddos that they will be cared for and raised the way that God wills.  For my sister who is going to miss her daughter... and try to remember all the good and even the bad times.  For it is the bad times in our lives that make us appreciate the good that happens.  Our family has been very blessed in that this is the first difficult time of dealing with the death of an immediate family member that we have had to experience.  For reasons I will not mention I also pray that God's will is for those kids be raised by their Nana & Doodah!!
Kaysie...Aunt Cheryl loves you.......Ritzywife out.................

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