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I have been so busy with those grandkids that I lose track of time, haha.....but that is a good thing to me.  Since my last post I decided to give up my sunday school class because it was not going to be the best thing for me to continue to teach in a class where the ones who voted against me won't even look or talk to me at church.  I am now going to the mixed adults class.  The funny/sad thing about this is one of the members who was in on that voting complained at last week's business meeting that the ladies' class had no teacher.  well...DUH!!!!!   But she won't do anything about it ...for sure.  The preacher said he was well aware of that.  I guess she didn't think he knew.....Oh, he and everyone that was present that night knew-- because I sent each one of them a letter explaining how much it hurt to have a  group of people want a secret ballot vote to take away my job and give it to one of their own.  I told them that because of the way it was handled I had no choice but to give up my class because it was going to be very awkward teaching people who did not want to be taught by me.  I also told them that even tho I had forgiven them - what they did changed our relationship and only time would heal that. I told them I loved them and i loved my church.    I told the nominating committee chairman and our pastor what i was doing and why i was doing it. 
I could go around feeling sorry for myself but I choose not to follow that path  I have decided that people are gonna do what people are gonna do, but I have the power to control what I do and how I act.  I choose to be happy and thankful for what I do have.  And the "stress factor" that came with that job, although I loved the job, is now GONE!!!!  I feel great!. could not pay me enough to take it back now, haha!!!! Plus I have extra time for those grandsons and crappie fishing...WOO-HOO!!!   I am gonna just wait and see how God wants to use me for His service.  So, as of now my only position in our church is Pianist.
Ritzywife out.......................

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