Merry Christmas!!!

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I would love to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas!!!!  I hope everyone had a wonderful day.  We started out the day going to my mom & dad's.  After opening gifts everyone hung around until lunch time.  After eating all  that GOOD food Ritzy and I came home to take a nap and rest a bit.  Went back to Granny's for dinner at 5.  After returning home, the daughter, her boyfriend, the son, Ritzy and I opened our gifts.  It's just easier on everyone if we wait until Christmas night.  I have found that I  kind of like it that way !!  Well earlier in the week I had wrapped 2 gifts that the daughter's boyfriend had gotten her and I assumed that was it.
But.......while at Granny's, she and the boyfriend returned from visiting his family and she came in and went to the bathroom.  After coming out we started talking and I noticed something on her hand.  I asked her to show it to me and my sister even asked what it was and when she told us -  my mom, my sister and I just started crying.  It was an engagement ring!!!!!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!!
That boyfriend asked her while driving down the highway on the way back home........he always said he was going to be different about it and sure enough it was different allright!
I am so happy, not only for her and her guy, but just happy as a Mother knowing her daughter has found the love of her life and now they are engaged to be married.........soon I hope ;-)
We didn't have any snow this Christmas season, but I guess I will get over it.  I guess we had enough last year to last a few is cold, though!!!!
Everyone seemed to be happy with what they received.  As stated before, our main christmas gift was our trip to Branson.  This was a very good year for us.  A lot of memories and good times.......not necessarily "things".  Those memories can't be taken away and will last a lot longer than any gift.
Now it's time to get ready for 2011.  I can't believe a year can go by so fast. 
We have church tomorrow and I had better get to bed to get some rest.  I woke up at 4 this morning and didn't fall back asleep til almost 6 then got up a little after 7.  Even tho I had that nap, I am still getting sleepy.  Gotta be ready to teach my class and play that piano.....
That being said....Ritzywife is out........

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