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A couple days ago we all returned from Branson.  We had all decided to take a trip to Branson and Silver Dollar City for Christmas instead of buying gifts this year.  Well, it was a great idea.  We had a wonderful time.  The first day  we were there (which was Sunday) was the only day Silver Dollar City was open while we would be in Branson.  We checked into our hotel and then went to the park.  Did I mention it was COLD!!!!!!  An arctic front had come thru for some of the coldest weather of the season.  Sunday nite while watching the parade and looking at all the Christmas lights at Silver Dollar City the temperature was about 17 degrees with a NW wind blowing at 20-25 mph.   THAT'S COLD!!!!!   But, you know what----it felt great sitting there waiting for the light show and parade and drinking some hot cappuccino.  (I will post a picture when this darned Internet speeds up.)
Ritzy and I did our own running around while the kids did what they wanted some of the time, but we were all together most of the time.  It was sad to see the time come to an end, but at the same time we were glad to be headed back home. 
Wednesday, I took my truck to have some maintenance work done and was running late so I picked up a hamburger around 2:30 or so.  By 4 pm I was NOT feeling well at all.  I was nauseated and just not feeling good.  By 5 I was chilling and could not get warm.  So, I took my bath and by 6pm I was in bed with the electric blanket turned on High.  I guess I got some food poisoning by eating that hamburger.  Let's just say it was not fun.  Yesterday I was only able to eat toast and crackers and drink some flavored water.  The daughter's boyfriend asked why I wasn't eating last night and I told him that just the thought of food made me sick.  I am now up at 1:30 on Friday morning eating some more crackers and drinking water.  Maybe later today I will feel like eating again.  
I still have some things to get finished before Christmas.  One thing is that family calendar I make every year.  The only thing holding me back is we have a nephew and niece expecting their second child anytime.  My sister-in-law (the Nana) called yesterday and said that the niece found out during her check-up that she was dilated to 2 cm already.  So, here I am waiting on that baby to get with it  so I can finish the calendar ;-)
I hope to get to feeling better soon, because there are some goodies I like to make for the Christmas season........
Well, I am starting to feel sleepy again, with that Ritzywife is out...................

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