Olympics Anyone???

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Has anyone been watching the Olympics.  When they first started, I wasn't much interested, but now I am watching every night.  Watched the ladies figure skating tonite and they put on quite a show.  Ritzy went to bed and I just stayed in the living room to watch the sports.  (Hey, isn't that supposed to be the other way around, anyways....)
 I was about ready to go to bed  after watching tv  and realized the son needed something fixed to go with the chicken for his lunch tomorrow.  So.......here I am in my kitchen cooking Rice-A-Roni at 11:30pm.  Nobody but a Mom would understand.....
Now, here I am thinking and writing...........a dangerous combo....
Ritzy said he is soooooo tired of this cold weather.  A couple of weeks ago I would have said I want more cold and snow, but after the kind-of decent weather we have had I am ready for Spring!!!!!!!
Starting to think about the garden and what to plant.  It's gonna have to stop raining or we will have to "mud" everything in ;-)
I love planting and watching things grow.  I hope we have a good growing season.  Last year it took forever to warm up enough for the plants to grow.  Hoping it's not that way again.  Hard to believe in just a few weeks it will be time to start mowing the grass. 
The whole crew is in bed right now (which is where I should be)  but ever since Ritzy was on his deployment in 2007-2008 my sleeping pattern has gone haywire.  You would think that after Ritzy's being back for a little more than a year things would be back to normal, but nooooooo.   he still goes to bed way earlier than I do, & he has a hard time falling to sleep too.  Hope I don't wake him when I go in there in a little while. 
 I have plenty to do tomorrow so I should be in there resting. 
I visited my neice  and her kids today.  The oldest ( her son) was at school, but the three girls were at home.  The baby ( who is 5 months old)  was crying and I couldn't take it so I got her out of her swing.  Well, her older sister who is a little over a year old thought I needed to be holding her to.  I sure had a lapful.  But they are so cute I couldn't turn them down.  After a little while the baby's mama fed her and I put the other one to sleep.
The 4 year old was seeing how much trouble she could get into.  I gotta hand it to her,  she is doing a great job.  this is the same neice who had brain surgery and delivered a baby on the same day last September. She  is now finished with her radiation but still taking her cancer drugs once a month.  I keep her and her family always in my prayers!!!!!!!!

Here are those 2 youngest ones, only 10 months apart, whew!!!!!

Ritzywife is out......................................

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