More Snow....

Posted by: cheryl

The snow has ended here in Oklahoma but not before dropping 7-8 inches of the pretty white stuff. Ritzy has already shoveled the walkway. A neighbor came over with a box blade and graded our driveway. The poor little birds are trying to find something to eat. Ritzy and I always feed, they don't have to go far.
The daughter works at the Cherokee Nation Casino and Hard Rock Hotel in Catoosa. When she left for work Thursday she took extra clothes and accessories knowing she might not be home for a few days. The hotel puts her up if the weather is bad. She is hoping to come home after her shift tomorrow night. At first she was upset that she could not come home, but I was trying to get her to look at the positive side. She could work extra hours, be able to stay in a nice hotel FREE, not have to put up with us ;-)..........She has called a few times and I think she is doing just fine....Who knows, it might make her appreciate her family more,,,,,,,
In the picture is the store/baitshop/Ritzy's hangout, across the road. You can see my little penguin leftover from Christmas. I told Ritzy the other day to leave him up. I was hopin to get some more snow so he would feel "at home". Ritzy failed to see the humor in that......
Ritzy has been finding things to do outside, thank goodness. He drives me nuts when he is cooped up inside. He goes over to his "hangout" and helps the owner out with chores, sweeping, shoveling snow, drinking coffee,etc......if you look in the picture you will notice his red truck which means he is over there now. "Caught ya, Ritzy!"
Heck, Ritzy came in a little while ago and told me he would buy my lunch or dinner over there afterwhile. Ritzywife is NOT about to turn that down.
I don't care what anyone else thinks, I love the snow and the cold.
With that Ritzywife is out.............

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