Finally Out Of The Freezer!!!

Posted by: cheryl

This past couple of days we have finally seen temperatures above freezing. I like the cold weather and all but I (and everyone else around me) was starting to get a bit cranky. I took the picture while crossing the Oologah Lake over the Winganon bridge. In the distance you can see the steam rising from the power plant in Oologah.
It has been over 10 years since the lake has frozen over like this. We still have snow in our yard. It's going away, but none too soon. Has been here for 3 weeks. Ritzy and I were talking about that tonite and he informed me that I was "crazy" for liking the snow and wanting it to stick around.
Not to much going on around here except that we are getting back into our "normal" routines after the holidays and bad weather.
Supposed to get a little rain later this week.
I haven't seen much of the neice's kids because of all the bad weather. I kind of miss them. We will have to pay them a visit tomorrow or Friday.
Now.....I will just have to wait for that next snow to move in while the rest of the family says----"Bite your tongue!"....I can't help it I love the snow!!!!
With that Ritzywife is out..................

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