TIME - Why do you go by so fast?!?

Posted by: cheryl

I cannot believe how fast time seems to fly by.  I notice it's been a while since my last post.  Since then Ritzy and I have been busy in the garden, yard and spending time with grandsons.  I have been doing a little fishing.  This year has turned into a big disappointment as far as fishing goes.  The weather was slow to warm up and the lake has been lower than previous years so the fish just aren't coming in to the fishing hole.  I have only caught a half-dozen or so fish and that's sad.  Although one evening I was down there and I had not caught a single fish but came home with 22 nice crappie.  Some friends and family gave me 3-4 fish at a time and by the time 5 or 6 people gave me the fish they did not want to clean, I ended up with a nice "mess" of fish, take a look.............

 These two are growing up so fast.  They were holding hands and walking the other night.  At first one was not wanting to hold hands but he changed his mind and held "bubba's" hand. 

 Ritzy is watching Braedy & Calvin mow the grass.  They love pushing these little bubble mowers around.  Do not get in their way--they are on a mission while mowing Ni-maw's yard....

This is my favorite outside place to be.  In my swing watching and listening to the activity around me.  Time well spent  for "thinking" and just being "thankful".....

And with that being said........Ritzywife is out!!!!

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