Cool Spring

Posted by: cheryl

This Oklahoma Spring has been way too cool. My fishing has been way off. The weather warms up, then cools down, warms up, then cools down.....well, you get the picture....then the lake comes up, goes down, not good for my fishing hole....It has been so cold that Ritzy finally planted our tomatoes just a few days ago. I told him that it will probably turn off hot and dry and we will miss out on any tomatoes ;-( My flowers are finally blooming. Here is a picture of a "clematis" that has just bloomed: My lilac went kind of crazy this year not many blooms but I think it was confused. It had leafed out in January or February due to the unusual warm weather. That's Oklahoma for ya!! Those grandsons are growing like crazy... they are walking all over the place and are getting cuter by the minute ;-) Last week Ritzy had them outside and they were playing with sticks in our firepit. They were just as happy with those two sticks as they would have been with the most expensive toy money could buy, haha. Here is a picture of the guys playing outside: I have been keeping busy babysitting those two little fellas. They are at the age now where they are just a joy to watch, even tho they wear this "Ni-maw" out, haha.....It is so much fun to watch them play together, and learn every day. If one of them comes to me and wants held, the other one catches us and has to come over too. I love it!! It's about time to leave and go watch/have fun with them again for today so I had better go. Have a great day! Ritzywife out........................

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