Come On Christmas!!!!!!!

Posted by: cheryl

It is just a week away. I am as bad as a little kid when it comes to Christmas. I love it!!!!
I have everything done and I am ready........come on Santa!!!!
Now all I have to do is wait, wait, wait........Speaking of Santa, I asked that great-nephew if he has written Santa his letter yet and that kid said there was no Santa........I told him -I guess since he doesn't believe in Santa then Santa doesn't have to bring him any presents........
I also let him know that Ritzywife still believes in Santa!!!!!!!!
Maybe Santa can bring me some snow, haha. Ritzy thinks I am crazy, but I love the snow. He is from Wisconsin and came to Oklahoma to get away from the snow. I told him that he did not get far enough south, hahaha!!!!!
It has been cold and a little icy here the past few days. Ritzy did not go to work til today. He cannot sit still, so he was about to go a little "'stir crazy" here in the house. I told him to go find something to keep him busy ;-) He went outside to burn some scrap firewood and to split some wood that he had cut earlier. Kept him out of Ritzywife's hair, for a little while at least. Don't get me wrong, I love having Ritzy around but he won't sit still and it makes me nervous just watching him sometimes......;-0
I haven't been anywhere since Sunday, sure saves on the gas....... I saw today that the price has come back up..........((((grrrrrrr))).
I guess this is all I have for today. Been pretty boring around here. Ritzywife is out for now.

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