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The past couple of weeks have been interesting.  Most days I have felt wonderful, which may have attributed to me overdoing it and causing some not so good days.  Last week my heart was beating regular but fast, but it got back into rhythm after a couple hours.  I have had palpitations also, but those subside after a few minutes to a few hours.  Thanksgiving morning I was feeling so good that I got up and baked 2 pumpkin pies, made chex mix, homemade mashed sweet potatoes and a green bean casserole.  I was feeling fine until about 5 that evening, when the fast rate began and it finally went away overnight.  The son-in-law had killed a doe earlier that morning  for us to process for jerky and burger, but I was feeling so bad that evening that I was unable to do anything, brother, brother-in-law and sister and sister-in-law stepped up and processed that deer for me.  MUCH APPRECIATED!!    I had been feeling so good that I probably overdid it Thanksgiving morning. Yesterday was my worst day so far. 
Well Friday night I had told the boys they could spend the night because I had felt so good.  Well they did and I guess it wore me out because after taking them home Saturday evening, we returned and I got in bed and on the cpap machine around 9:00pm , but the fast heart rate returned at 10:30.  It stayed that way til 1:00 pm Sunday afternoon.  My longest bout so far.  It was then slower but irregular.  This is a pattern that has gone on since the ablation, it speeds up, slows but irregular, then steady.  I called my Dr.'s nurse that was on call and she reassured me that this was totally normal during this "blanking period" (the first 3months  post-ablation).  I am gonna watch it from now on!!!!
I have my tree up, gifts wrapped and home decorated.  I put up the tree and wrapped the gifts so the boys could enjoy them.  Well, when they saw the gifts all I heard was "Can we open them?" hahaha...
NOPE!!  Told them they have to wait til Christmas.   Tried to explain to them that this was the fun time of anticipation of the Christmas season.
I also had ordered 2 postcards from "Santa".  Well while I was video calling them last night, their mom had got the mail and showed them their postcards and read to each of them what "Santa" had written.  The look on their faces was well worth the small amount it cost to send those cards!!!
Our baby grandson Dawson is scheduled to have surgery on December 1 to open up a ureter tube.  He has "caught" the cold that his brothers had earlier.  The daughter is at the Dr's office with him now to see if he can get any relief.  I hope this does not interfere with his scheduled surgery.  He is also cutting teeth.  Poor little guy.  But he is being a trooper through all of this.  
The sun is shining today so it is gonna be a great day..........Ritzywife out.............................

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