BOY, OH BOY!!!!!!

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That's what I found out today.  That daughter  and son-in-law are expecting twins and they found out today that those babies are both boys!!! Wow.....all the daughter said when she called, it looks like I'm gonna be outnumbered..........I knew exactly what that meant ;-)
Ritzy and I were at the Claremore Taco Bueno eating out tonite and I asked him if he realized that it would only be 4 (short) months before things were going to change forever......I am so looking forward to these babies!!!!!!  Now that I know what they are, I can start buying and making  "stuff" !!!!!!!!
Still haven't figured out how I'm gonna go fishin' and babysit at the same time this next Spring, tho, hahaha!!!!
My niece found out today that her Oncologist wants to start her chemotherapy this coming Thursday, even tho she has not been able to get her port put in.  They will just have to use an  i v.   He is not wanting to wait any longer for her treatment.  She has to take 1 treatment every two weeks  for 6 times.
As I said earlier, Ritzy and I were at Taco Bueno tonite......... eating tacos of course.  After that we went to our former pastor's home to get a couple of kittens.  The last kitten we had disappeared so we thought we would try 2 at a time so they could play with and look out for each other.  They are cute, one is mouse gray and the other is black and white.  The preacher's kids had already named them "Mouse & Oreo".  I think we will just keep those names, they're cute!!!!!!   Now, I will just have to wait and see if they are good mousers.......cause I hate mice!!!!!!  They will be outside kittys of course.  Ritzywife does not like four-legged creatures in her home!!!!!
I am about ready to call it a day, so...Ritzywife is out...........................

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