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I have been pretty busy with running to the hospital the past couple of weeks.  My niece has had 2 brain surgeries in the past 10 days.  The first one did not give the results the surgeon was hoping for, so yesterday she underwent another.  These were only biopsies, but they were sure hard on her.  She was just getting better when they did the second one.  by saying better i mean that she was starting to be able to say words that could be understood and moving her right arm and leg a little bit.  Last night after her second surgery, i saw her for a few minutes before we had to go and she was talking a little plainer and had some movement on her right side.  That was so good to see!!!!!   But........the fact remains that she is unable to care for herself in this condition, let alone her kids.  That is what is hard face.  Another thing to remember is that tumor is still in there, growing and causing problems.  They won't do anything about the treatment until they know what they are treating, so we sit and wait on the pathology reports.  The Dr. thinks it is either problems caused by radiation or the cancer has come back as a different type.  We all knew this was possible two years ago.
Now on to some "venting"......I use Facebook and see people write comments about their perception of events and it just really has me scratching my head.  I see comments about my niece doing better, or doing just fine etc... and  then see others comment about how God is good, awesome, in control..etc. You know what I mean.  Well....... our circumstances do not dictate how God is doing.  FYI, people---He is all those things, all the time!!!!!   It does not matter if things could not be any better, or be any worse for us,  God never changes.  What are these people going to say when tragedy strikes--they are the ones who will be saying "well, it must have been God's will" that I say-- "B A L O N E Y" ( I have another b-word, but better not use it)  Sometimes things happen to us that are not God's will, but because we live in a flawed world and we ourselves are flawed, we are faced with tragedy, heartache, & troubles.....the one thing God does promise is that He will be there for us, whenever we call out to Him.  Ok, I guess I can get off my "soapbox"  now....
To change the subject...My daughter just called and told me they were bringing over steaks to cook out tonite.  YUMMY!!!!  I would be a fool to turn that down ;-)
Also, this same daughter has confirmed that a grandchild is definitely on the way.  Ritzy and I are so happy for the daughter and her hubby and for ourselves I might add ;-)
This is gonna be fun!!!!!!  This kid is gonna be Cherokee/Delaware (daughter) & Creek (son-in-law) indian.  He/she better come out lookin' like a little indian baby, hahahaha!!!!
With that.....Ritzywife is out!!!!

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